• Welcome to Roomkart.in. It is a digital platform for advertising/marketing of properties and also provide other real-estate services and help peoples to find properties. Please read terms carefully!

  • Terms specific for visitors-

      Company provides a number of internet-based services through its platform and shall include:
    • Posting user profile or listing for the purpose of sale/rental of property, and related property services etc.
    • Find a property through Roomkart.in and its internet links.
    • Place a print advertisement in any of the group publications through the www.Roomkart.in site.
    • Post advertisements on Roomkart.in
    • Send advertisements and promotional messages through emails and messages.
    • Service provide by the Roomkart.in is absolutely free for the visitors. The services can be purchased through various methods of payments offered, the purchase of services shall be additionally governed by specific policies of sale like advertisement fees, subscription fees, payment and refund policy, cancellation policy etc.
      Roomkart.in provide an agreements between Renters/Saler/Buyer, which are given below according to their conditions

    Terms specific for Renter:-

    • Roomkart.in does not take any charge from the renter but renter should remember that Roomkart.in provide just a platform where everyone can find property according to their budget, but it doesn't mean that all the property which are on Roomkart.in are our property, there is no connection between the Roomkart.in and the owner we just provide a platform, we are not responsible for any fraud cases, it is renter duty to check all the properties information and their owner too.
    • Roomkart.in request you that at the time of payment, you should meet owner of the property first & check all information of the property, after then proceed payments to the owner.
    • Roomkart.in provide an agrement between the renter and the owner and it should be necessary to check and read it properly at time of submit account & property on Roomkart.in
    • there is an agrements in which the owner of the property does not increase charges at mid year, charge may be increase at the rate of 5% per year until the renter live, and the owner do not increase any type of charge like:electricity unit, water unit, if the owner increase then renter have an authority or legal power to take action against the owner of the property, Roomkart.in provide support in such type of cases.
    • Owner will give you information to leave-off property before 1 months.
    • Our website does not provide any support to the renter in payment cases.

    Terms specific for Buyer:-

  • Roomkart.in provides a fully secure platform where all properties are legal, Roomkart will provide you properties at low price as possible, we do not take any charge to visit or view any property.
  • Roomkart.in plays a role like a third party, we provide you all legal documents and agreements with police verification so that no issue occur in future and you live happily.
  • Buyers should notice that all the property which is provided by Roomkart.in is most of RERA approved,so there is no need to be warned about the property.
  • Roomkart give focus to provide you a suitable property at lowest price possible so that you can affoard it.
  • We provide our agent at the time of buying property through Roomkart.in, so that all verifications, agreements & policies will be done securely infornt of us, so that no issue occures in future.
  • If any type of fraud cases occurs then Roomkart.in is withstand with you and provide you all support in some conditions.
  • Terms specific for Seller:-

  • Roomkart.in provide you a best digital platform to sell your property at best price in minimum time.
  • Roomkart provide a special agreements for seller in which Roomkart.in will sell your property at suitable price but it take five percent (5%) commission form the total price and Roomkart verify all legal documents of the property and we also provide a police verification so that seller and buyer feel safe & secure.
  • Roomkart take extra charge for the advertising of seller property on the websites.
  • We provide an agent who verify the seller/buyer documents and all the important documents which is necessary for buying/selling property and police verification is done infornt of them.
  • Roomkart give force for RERA approval, if the property is not aprroved by RERA or government then Roomkart verify them to RERA approval and it takes extra charge for it to the seller.
  • Once property sold to the buyer then seller does not force to buyers for selling property, if seller do any type of illegal steps or try to harm buyer then hardly legal steps will be taken by Roomkart